Pope appoints Raffaella Petrini to the head of the Governatorato, the first woman in history

Pope Francis on Thursday appointed Raffaella Petrini as Secretary General of the Vatican Governatorate, the first time that a woman has accessed this position of responsibility in the history of the Church.

The Italian Raffaella Petrini, a 52-year-old Franciscan nun, will be responsible for administrative management, the Vatican museums, the post office and the police.

The US digital newspaper The National Catholic Reporter indicated that this position had traditionally been held by bishops.

The pontiff seeks with this appointment to achieve greater equality within the Church.

In January, 84-year-old Francisco already changed the law to allow women to read the Bible at mass, give communion and help at the altar during the liturgy.

A month later, the pope appointed the French nun Nathalie Becquart undersecretary of the synod of bishops, becoming de facto the first woman in history who would have the right to vote in such meetings (which address the main questions of doctrine). of the church).

Ever since the Supreme Pontiff created a commission in 2016 to study the history of female deacons in the early years of the Catholic Church, reform groups have hoped that there may be female priests one day.

At the moment, the pope does not open the door for them to be ordained priests.


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