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Pooja’s Show at the Box Office, Ayushmann Khurrana’s film earned as much on its second day

Pooja's Show at the Box Office, Ayushmann Khurrana's film earned as much on its second day

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana always conveys a message to his fans through his films. What’s special is that every film by Ayushmann gets people’s love. Although the actor does fewer films, whenever he appears in a film, he always penetrates people’s hearts with his strong acting.

Pooja from the actor’s latest film “Dream Girl 2” has once again rang the bells of the audience and with that the film gets off to a great start. At the same time, the earnings on the first day of release of “Dream Girl 2” were also very good. The film grossed 10 crore 69 lakh on the release date. Today on Saturday, so also on the second day, this film by Ayushmann Khurrana made a good collection.

According to statistics, “Dream Girl 2” grossed 13 crores on the second day in India. The film hit theaters on August 25. The budget of this film is 35 crores rupees and according to figures released by Sacnilk the film has grossed 22 crores 69 lakhs on the second day.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Ayushmann’s film is a sequel to the hit 2019 film Dream Girl. Produced on a budget of Rs 28 crore, Dream Girl grossed a whopping Rs 200 crore.

We tell you that Dream Girl 2’s story begins with Karam, a small town boy from Mathura, struggling every day to pay off the debts of his father, who borrowed money from almost everyone. On the other hand, he is deeply in love with Pari, after which Karam comes to the fore as pooja. Then the drama that begins makes you laugh and laugh.

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