Pooja Bhatt said about the seat belt, when will those who build roads with substandard products be punished?

Actress Pooja Bhatt spoke on Wednesday about the importance of wearing seat belts in cars and ‘repairing potholes and damaged roads’. Pooja shared a note on Twitter after the preliminary investigation revealed that former Tata Sons president Cyrus Mistry, who died in a car accident, was not wearing a seat belt. All that stuff and the air bags. Important? Yes! But fixing potholes and damaged roads is more. When will it be criminal to use poor quality materials to build our roads, highways, highways, as well as maintain the roads that were once built and inaugurated with pomp.

Responding to his post, one person said: “Totally agree, there are a lot of accidents happening due to bad road conditions, but no one cares.” Another tweet read: “Absolutely true. Seat belts are important, but good road planning, implementation and maintenance is the job of the administration…which sadly they don’t do most of the time.”

After Cyrus’ death, actor Dia Mirza took to Twitter to urge people to wear seat belts. Diya wrote: “I ask you to wear your seat belt. Teach your children to wear a seat belt. It saves lives.” In response to his post, one person wrote: “Especially when in the passenger seat and even more so when the car is on a freeway.”

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One tweet read: β€œThis is how celebrities should use their voices for things that matter. Sahi ka diya.” Last week, Cyrus, who was sitting in the back seat, was killed in a traffic accident after his car hit a divider in Maharashtra’s Palghar district. seatbelt alarm be mandatory for seats.At present, a fine of Rs 1,000 under Rule 138(3) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) for non-wearing of seatbelts by passengers in seats butts.

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