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Pony, excrement … The former tenant leaves a devastated house and large unpaid

“We had redone everything ourselves. And there, everything will have to be cleaned and repainted.” The words of Nadine, a resigned Breton woman who saw the house she rented with her husband √Čtienne almost ransacked by the occupant of the premises, are told by The Morbihan Center Gazette Friday, May 6. For more than twelve months, the Breton couple has been trying by all means to recover the keys to this accommodation following unpaid bills from the tenant, who owes the two Bretons 10,500 euros. The house belonged to √Čtienne’s deceased mother.

For months, this farmer from Plaudren in Morbihan, who lives a few hundred meters from this house, had noticed the poor exterior maintenance of the accommodation. But he did not expect such a spectacle of desolation. Filth, rubbish and excrement litter the ground. The reason: a “pony [qui] entered the house”, he explains, ulcerated, to our colleagues. However, everything is going well when the couple of tenants signs the lease, in 2017. But it is after their separation, and the departure of the tenant , that things would have deteriorated, reports the local media.The new companion would have brought back animals, including the pony.

When the owners want to recover the house to accommodate their daughter, the rents are less regular, until their payments, and the communication, are completely interrupted. They then begin a long procedure, from July 2020, reports the media. Until April 28, where they end up collecting the keys and entering the premises. Disgusted, the Bretons must first clean everything before, perhaps, managing to turn the page.


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