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Pond Fuses Genres in Psychedelic Sound

Pond continues its psychedelic adventure between rock, pop and even funk

What you need to know:

Pond releases their tenth studio album, a psychedelic journey that solidifies their position as a pioneering force in contemporary psychedelia.

Pond’s latest album, Stung!, marks a major milestone for the Australian band – their tenth studio release. From “Constant Picnic”, the album takes us on a sonic journey through spacey synthesizers and distorted guitars, showcasing their sound that has been refined over a dozen albums.

Stung! showcases incredible sound diversity, with tracks like “Neon Nectar” demonstrating Pond’s ability to blend genres, seamlessly merging elements of rock, pop, electronic, and funk. The band’s innovative approach feels natural and expertly executed, showcasing their maturity without compromising their creative vision.

A band that balances its original sound with innovation and production suitable for its project

The lyrics of Stung! touch on personal relationships, using surreal settings such as a neon river seen from a distant tower. Nick Allbrook sings about vulnerability, but also about embracing the moment.

Pond’s music is incredibly eclectic, effortlessly moving between various genres and styles, from garage rock to glam rock, experimental pop with electronic undertones. “Sunrise For The Lonely” showcases their ability to craft psychedelic sounds with minimalist electronics, incorporating distorted synthesizers.

The band’s production adapts to the needs of each song, instead of seeking to prioritize some sounds over others.

Stung! further explores Pond’s psychedelic soundscapes, blending genres and crossing sonic boundaries. The band’s dense, detailed production creates an atmosphere that resonates across their music, be it rock, pop, or funk.

The album’s rhythms vary, adding dynamic shifts throughout the tracks, from the danceable and happy “So Lo” to the dense and psychedelic “Black Lung”.

The song structure may not be as complex as their previous work, The Weather, but Pond still manages to craft memorable melodies and phrases that leave a lasting impact.

Stung! solidifies Pond’s tradition of innovation and experimentation, ultimately seeking to entertain the listener and doing so with great success. Pond will be touring Australia and Europe later this year, with a stop in the United States at the end of the year, so fans may have a chance to experience their live show.

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