Pollution: the very bad air level in the Paris metro

During eight months, a team of journalists shouldere of a scientist measured the concentration of PM2.5 on the entire network of the Paris metro. These are THE very small fine particles au diameter less than 2.5 microns. Verdict? Global pollution is five times superior Standards of the WHO, which is enough to worry users. “We feel it in the metro every day, we have difficulty breathing”, explains a local resident. This pollution is higher on certain lines, such as line 5 (on average36 times stronger than WHO standards).

“No excess mortality of our employees”

Air measurements outside the stations have been carried outes, and health risks are to be to fear. “There is an increase in strokes and heart attacks during pollution peaks”, warns Jean-Baptiste Renard, research director at the CNRS. Marie-Claude Dupuis, Strategy, Innovation and Development Director of the RATP group explains, on the morning of Tuesday, May 23, that studies are being carried out, “which showsnt that there is no excess mortality of employee(s)”. A judicial investigation is underway after a new complaint.

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