Pollens: 81 French departments placed at high risk of allergies according to the national aerobiological monitoring network

The scratchy throat, itchy and runny eyes, persistent coughs, difficulty in breathing, the galley of allergies will not diminish in the days to come. 81 departments of mainland France, including Ile-de-France, have been placed on red alert for grass pollen, according to the allergy risk map of the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network (RNSA), updated on 22 May and that BlazeTrends consulted on Tuesday May 23. For the moment, only part of Brittany, the Grand Est, or even Normandy and Hauts-de-France are somewhat spared with an average risk.

Grass pollen is increasing from the south to the north of the country with a high risk of allergies“, warns the RNSA in its press release. The proliferation of grasses has been favored by “sunny, windy weather and mild temperatures“from the beginning of May.”Allergies must follow their treatment and prepare for complicated weeks“, warns the national aerobiological monitoring network.

The RNSA forecasts are quite pessimistic for this weekend since “it is normally the whole of France which should be on red alert for grass pollen“. The end of May/beginning of June is the most delicate period, but everything also depends on the weather. If the rain showers at the beginning of May were able to bring some respite to allergy sufferers by neutralizing the pollens, they have also unfortunately favored the growth and development of grasses.

Grasses are herbaceous plants that we see growing along roads, in fields and even sometimes on roundabouts. Some of these grasses are very allergenic, such as timothy, bluegrass, tares, rye, oats or even wheat.

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According to ANSES, the National Health Security Agency, 20% of children over 9 years old and 30% of adults suffer from pollen allergies. 6 million people suffer from asthma in France. Respiratory allergy is ranked 4th in the world ranking of chronic diseases.

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