Polkadot development activity reaches new record high

New data from GitHub shows that Polkadot had more than 500 contributions every day in September. This is a new record for the multichain protocol.

Over 140,000 messages sent

In addition, a record of 26,258 messages were also sent between his parachains. A total of 14,930 developer contributions were registered on Polkadot’s GitHub during the month of August.

Parachains are individual layer-1 blockchains that run in parallel on Polkadot and are tested first on Kusama. Auctions for parachain slots are held in the form of crowd lending, with the position going to the highest bidding project. The first of its kind took place last November.

Earlier it became clear that there are now 66 blockchains live on Polkadot and its parachain startup network called Kusama. More than 140,000 messages have been sent through 135 message channels since its inception. To finance all spending proposals in the ecosystem, 9.6 million DOT and 346,700 KSM have already been disbursed.

Improving Scalability Polkadot

Polkadot founder Rob Habermeier recently published a roadmap to improve the scalability of both Polkadot and Kusama. Some key topics of this include asynchronous backing or the decoupling of parachain elongation from relay chain elongation as a potential mechanism to reduce parachain block time by 50% while increasing block space by 10 times.

Once the upgrade goes live, it is estimated that network speed will also increase to somewhere between 100,000 and 1 million transactions per minute. It is not yet known when exactly this will happen, however, it is expected that it will happen later this year.

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