Politics escalate in The Kerala Spatio, why is Vivek Agnihotri attacking Mamata after ban in Bengal?

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has banned the film ‘The Kerala Story’ from being shown in West Bengal. Mamta made this announcement recently. According to the sources, Mamta has given special instructions in this regard to the chief secretary. She said that ‘Kerala Story’ was banned to maintain peace and harmony in the state. All the scenes shown in this film can be dangerous for the state peace system. That’s why it was banned. This decision will be implemented in all districts of Calcutta and Bengal. This decision has been made to keep the peace. Vivek Agnihotri, the director of The Kashmir Files, has clashed with Mamta Banerjee after the film was banned.

The ongoing politics regarding the film remain intense. Earlier this movie was also banned in Tamil Nadu. At the same time, the Madhya Pradesh government has declared this film tax-free in their state. The Prime Minister himself praised The Kerala Story at a rally in Bellary, Karnataka, saying that this film will expose terrorism.

Director Vivek Agnihotri has now launched a scathing attack on the Mamta Burnji video. He wrote in the tweet: “Didi is talking about me. Yes, I came to Bengal to interview the survivors of the Khilafat-instigated Direct Action Day massacre. Why are you so afraid? The Kashmir files, the massacre and it was about terrorism. What makes you think it was meant to smear the people of Kashmir? On what basis do you say so maliciously that it is financed by a political party?

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Vivek Agnihotri warned Mamata Banerjee on Twitter: “Why don’t I file a libel case against you and a genocide denial case?”

However, on Monday, Mamta questioned the relevance of ‘The Kerala Story’ at a press conference. Before banning ‘The Kerala Story’, the Chief Minister criticized the film at a press conference. Speaking of The Kerala Story, the Chief Minister also raised the issue of ‘The Kashmir Files’ and said, “Political parties are playing with fire. They are trying to create caste-religion-caste differences. files?? Why was The Kerala Story made to harass a community? Which is based on a false and twisted story.”

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