In India, a video of a politician has gone viral in which he is crying and saying that the party did not give him a ticket but demanded Rs 5 million.

According to Indian media, Bahujan Samaj Party leader Arshad Rana cried on Friday when he did not get a ticket in the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Arshad Rana said that the party made fun of me, I never thought it would happen, you promise to give me a ticket and then give it to someone else, you people must have seen daily advertisements in newspapers and hoardings. I did everything

The Indian politician said that he has been working for the party for 24 years. In 2018, he was officially declared as a candidate from Charthawal. Asked for

He said that for the 2022 UP elections, a formal candidate was announced from Charthawal in 2018, BSP announced its candidates from Charthawal and Ganguly Assembly seats, Mayawati-led party in Western UP. Muslim candidates stood from both the seats.

Mayawati tweeted on Thursday morning, “Salman Saeed, son of Syed Muzaffarnagar’s former interior minister, met the BSP chief late at night on January 12 and left the Congress and joined the Bahujan Samaj Party. The BSP has fielded its candidate from Charthawal Assembly seat.

It should be noted that elections will be held in 7 phases in Uttar Pradesh, voting will be held in seven phases in UP on February 10, February 14, February 20, February 23, February 27, March 3 and March 7. Election results will be announced on March 10. Will be done



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