Polio case report after 23 years in Africa

LANGUAGE: Polio cases have been reported in the African country of Malawi after 23 years. At present, only two countries in the world, Pakistan and Afghanistan, have the polio virus. Malawi was declared a polio-free country 23 years ago.

According to international media reports, the diagnosis of polio virus in a 3-year-old girl after 23 years in the African country of Malawi has caused concern to the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization says Malawi was declared a polio-free country 23 years ago, but now a 3-year-old girl has been diagnosed with the virus.

The last case of polio was reported in Malawi in 1999 and in 2016 in Africa, according to the WHO.

Dr Mashidio Moiti, WHO’s regional director for Africa, said laboratory tests showed the virus was still circulating in Pakistan.

He said that one of the legs of the girl was affected in the case which was reported in the capital, Langue.

The director further said that due to strict measures taken for the prevention of polio, the virus has been identified in the girl child immediately and necessary steps are being taken to stop its spread.

It should be noted that at present only 2 countries of the world Pakistan and Afghanistan have polio virus.

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