Police seize firearm in Sosa incident

Iván Sosa had an incident on the Bogotá – Girardot road and had to be transferred to a care center. He suffered injuries to his chin due to an altercation with a trucker who was on the road at the time of the cyclist’s training, who was treated in Fusagasugá, as reported by the Movistar Team.

“We confirm that Iván Sosa was treated for chin injuries at a medical center in Fusagasugá (Colombia), his place of origin, after the incident suffered this Thursday. The Movistar Team cyclist has remained conscious at all times. Good luck, friend!” indicated the team.

After that, the National Police issued an official statement in which it explained details of the events. The driver had a firearm with the necessary papers up to date and they added that the runner would have assaulted the trucker and both will present defenses before the competent authorities in the coming days.

Police report on what happened with Iván Sosa

  1. Today at 12:05 p.m., the cyclist Iván Ramiro Sosa, who was training on the Bogotá – Girardot highway, reports that he was physically assaulted by the driver of a tractor-trailer vehicle, after the cyclist claimed for carrying out dangerous maneuvers on the road, causing an injury to his chin, apparently due to a blow with a firearm.
  2. Police from the Cundinamarca Transit and Transportation Section, carry out a padlock plan in order to locate the vehicle and driver described, being intercepted at kilometer 59 +500 Chinauta sector.
  3. The driver of the tractor-trailer stated that the cyclist threw water at his face, and caused damage to the vehicle in the front panoramic glass, apparently with a blunt object (stone). Likewise, a revolver-type firearm is seized, voluntarily delivered by this person, who also presents the documents that prove permission to carry it.
  4. These two people are brought before the competent authority, for them to respond, the truck driver for the crime of personal injury and the cyclist for the crime of damage to another’s property.

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