Police in Peru dress up as care bears to catch criminals

A police officer used a rather novel strategy to catch two criminals in Peru: he disguised himself as a care bear to get to them without arousing suspicion.

Authorities in various countries are conducting large-scale operations to catch criminals. They arrive at night or in the early hours of the morning, conduct chases and, in larger cases, even use helicopters.

But who would think of wearing a teddy bear costume and pretending to have a surprise for Valentine’s Day? To the Peruvian police, and it was a complete success.

Peruvian police

Photo: X/ @PoliciaPeru

This involved the arrest of two small-time traders with a police officer dressed as a teddy bear who pretended to make a statement about Valentine’s Day

A Care Bear stood outside a woman’s home with a sign that read, “You are my reason to smile” and a heart balloon.

Thinking it was a declaration of love, the woman went down and approached the adorable bear. To his surprise, it wasn’t a Valentine’s Day declaration, but a hook.

The bear was an undercover police officer and when he was able to get close to the woman, she was captured by other agents. Later they did it with another criminal.

“Members of the Terna group of the Lima Police Region, one of them disguised as a loving teddy bear, captured two drug micro-marketers in San Martín de Porres. More than 1,000 packages of PCBs were seized. “If he loves you, he won’t let you commit a crime!” wrote the Peruvian police in the X publication (Twitter).

In the footage of the moment, after she was captured and taken to the station, she is seen being hugged by the same police officer dressed as a bear, comforting one of the traffickers.

Photo: X/ @PoliciaPeru

The strange event quickly spread online and many people praised the novel way in which the authorities successfully carried out the arrest.

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