Police are searching for a “loved and dangerous” man after the murder of four women in the US

The authorities of Memphis, Tennesseeare on high alert Series of shootings occurred on Saturday at least deserted four dead women and a fifth wound. He suspiciousrecognized as Mavis Christian Jr.from 52 yearsis considered “armed and extremely dangerous“, according to the local police. The incidentseemingly associated with domestic violencehas led to the mobilization of law enforcement forces to determine the suspect’s whereabouts.

The Shootings were unleashed different places in the citywith the Suspect flees every scene in one Chevrolet Malibu 2017 white with label TN #390-BHTM. The level of violence left the community in shock Police are working to understand the motives behind the attacks. In one of the shootings on Fieldlark Drive, three women were injured, two of them were killed, while a third remains in critical condition.

The authorities’ quick reaction led to this Intensifying the search for suspects, underscoring the dangerous nature of Mavis Christian Jr. and the need for extreme precautions. The community awaits answers as police continue to investigate the connections between the shootings and the circumstances that led to this tragic event.

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