In Poland, the nationalist conservatives in power have taken a new step, calling into question the primacy of European law over national law. A decision that is slowly moving the country away from Europe, while its population seems attached to it.

In Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the pro-Europe protesters are in the streets. Some are even in tears, after the decisions taken Thursday, October 7 by the Constitutional Court. “We are no longer in the Union, this is the start of our exit“, writes a woman. The conservatives, in power in Poland, declared that part of the European treaty was incompatible with the constitution of the Poland. A decision considered to be “extremely serious“by ClĂ©ment Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs. Indeed, the European law takes precedence over national law.

The Polish judges took the decision, Thursday, October 7, to reverse the principle of primacy of European law over national law. This situation is feared by the European Commission, which fears that this situation will multiply in many countries of the Union. Threats are envisaged against the Poland following this Polish decision, particularly on the economic front. The blocking of the recovery plan, to the tune of 36 billion euros, would be one of the main solutions against this decision of the Constitutional Court of Poland.