Poland demands arrest of Russian spy

A member of the Russian spy network has been detained in Poland, the country’s Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski has claimed.

He said this in a post on social media Twitter. This information was given in a report by the news agency Reuters on Monday.

On Twitter Poland The interior minister said his internal security agency had detained another member of a spy network working for Russian intelligence agencies.

He said that the detained person was engaged in surveillance activities in military installations and seaports.

He also mentioned in the tweet that 15 people of the Russian spy network have been arrested in Poland Mariusz Kaminski.

Meanwhile, the Russian embassy in Poland was not immediately available for comment on the arrest of the Russian spy.

Incidentally, Poland is being used as an important conduit for delivering Western military aid to Ukraine. Western military aid is reaching Ukraine mainly using Polish soil. And because of this, Poland has become an important target of Russian spies, claiming that Russia is trying to destabilize the situation in Poland.

Earlier in June, Polish security agencies detained a Russian professional ice hockey player on espionage charges.


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