Home Sports Pogba took medication from the USA

Pogba took medication from the USA

Pogba took medication from the USA

Over the course of the hours and days they get to know each other Further information on the Paul Pogba positive. This is the latest information from La Gazzetta dello Sport. The positive testosterone test comes from a drug he purchased in the USA.

According to Italian media pogba He allegedly had access to the drug through a friend from outside Juventus He took it without knowing what consequences it might have in an anti-doping test. An alleged error without analysis of the properties of the drug.

The Frenchman’s agent, Rafaela Pimientaissued a statement saying: “What is certain is that at no point did Pogba intend to break the rules.”

However, the midfielder is provisionally suspended by the Italian anti-doping court, awaits a counter-analysis. If the existence of the substance in the footballer’s body is confirmed, could be punished with a sentence of 4 years.

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