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Poet Amanda Gorman wants to become president of the United States

A fate all mapped out? During an interview for Wall Street Journal Magazine, poet Amanda Gorman gave her ambitions for the future.

The 23-year-old caused a sensation around the world after her poem written and recited for Joe Biden’s nomination in January 2020. Whether it was the special mood of that day or some other reason, it would seem that she herself is considering becoming president one day.

But this is not the first time that she has considered entering politics. “When I was at Harvard, I thought to myself that maybe I would need to take a more traditional path by saying to myself: ‘ok, I’m going to go to law school and then maybe run for a local election. “”, She explained to the WSJ magazine. Now, strong in her popularity in the United States following her many poems, she hopes to be able to campaign on her personal ideas, without having to climb the ladder of a party.

Michelle Obama in support?

And to prepare for this future career, and in particular to run for president in 2036, she intends to draw inspiration from the personalities she will meet. “Talking to people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi made me realize that I didn’t need to change who I am to become a leader,” said the young poet.

And her support is already there, starting with a former First Lady. “Looking at her, I see someone who can help bring us together for a better and more inclusive America,” said Michelle Obama, for example.

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