Podcast king Joe Rogan slams the ‘crypto dollar’

Virtually all governments and central banks plan to slowly adopt central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in the coming years. But not everyone is happy about it. The American moderator and podcaster Joe Rogan doesn’t think it’s a good idea either. He views a fully digital US dollar as “game over” for US citizens.

Joe Rogan and Post Malone are anti-central bank cryptocurrencies

In an Aug. 8 podcast, Rogan talks to rapper Post Malone about how the U.S. financial system will change. CBDCs are now a topic of conversation in the US election campaign. The coming “digital dollar” was also discussed. Malone asked Rogan what he thought of CBDCs, to which Rogan explained that he hated the idea. He says the government has too much power.

Absolutely not, I disagree. This is checkmate, game over. (The government) can tie a CBDC to a social credit score because for some reason it would be good for society. Then if they can monitor your behavior and internet activity, they can deny you access to your money.”

Malone agreed. He emphasized that basically all money is already digital, but with a CBDC all money would come from one place: the central bank. However, the rapper also believes that people will only accept it because it will be convenient to have a CBDC.

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Many skeptics about CBDCs

The podcaster and rapper aren’t the only ones skeptical about the new fiat currency on blockchains. People all over the world face great difficulties with the projects of different countries. For example, last year the European Central Bank (ECB) conducted a survey asking EU citizens what they thought of the digital euro. The result was fierce resistance, again because it would give the central bank too much clout. Even then, privacy concerns were a cause for skepticism.

The European government is now working flat out to introduce legislation so that the ECB can introduce the reformed euro in a legally justifiable manner. But some politicians also have to look for good reasons why the currency should exist at all.

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