Podcast fever hits Twitter

The podcast market is booming. Twitter joins the podcast bandwagon. This release has been speculated for a long time. From now on, users of this social network will be able to listen to them on the platform. Thus, they will be integrated into a directory of podcasts in Spaces, its live audio function for conversations in real time.

In this space you will find the news and channels that are most interesting for users. The tab will be redesigned to accommodate the new features in the iOS and Android apps. At the moment it will arrive in a staggered way to all users, starting with Anglo-Saxon speakers.

Depending on the theme

Twitter’s podcast portfolio will initially be quite small and smaller than the podcast directories of platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. In addition, Twitter will not show all the podcasts available in its new functionality, but rather it will offer the user a selection of programs based on their interests.

Therefore, within Spaces, you will be able to see a selection of live programs or already produced content classified according to theme: News, Sports, Music, Cinema… It is an algorithm in charge of choosing the content for each user. For example, if he follows journalists covering a football match, he will be shown live conversations on this topic or related programs.

easy playback

Reproduction has been one of the successes of the social network. Once we enter the section where the podcast we want to listen to is located, we simply have to click on the play button (Play) and it will start. Currently it will be the only option, although it remains to be seen if there will be any more, such as downloading some content to listen to it when there is no connection.

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At the moment, these contents are available in English, for it to arrive in Spain we have to wait.

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