POCO is known worldwide for its equipment with an excellent cost / benefit ratio. Proof of this is its F line, which annually presents the long-awaited iconic killers.

By 2022, the Xiaomi universe company prepares the launch of the fourth generation of these excellent equipment. And the first step has been taken by internationally certifying the POCO F4 and the POCO F4 Pro.

POCO F4 and POCO F4 Pro have already been certified for European markets

This legal process was completed with the Eurasian Economic Commission (CEE), with approval granted on January 11, 2022. This regulatory body approved two mobile devices with the models 22021211RG Y 22021211G.

The first refers to the upcoming POCO F4, while the second refers to its Pro variant. In addition, the presence of the letter “G” at the end of the serial number of both smartphones attests that they are devices intended for markets. global.

The appearance of this certification now is not innocent. I remember that Xiaomi has already confirmed the official presentation of the Redmi K50 line, in China, next February.

Indeed, this should be the line of Android smartphones that will give rise to the POCO F4 and F4 Pro. That is, the Redmi K50 designation will be exclusive to the Chinese market, but the same team will reach global markets under the leadership of POCO.

I remember that in 2021 the popular POCO F3 was the same equipment as the Redmi K40 Pro presented in China. In fact, POCO should also use a similar strategy in 2022 for its new iconic killers.

Everything indicates that the POCO F4 will be the global version of the Redmi K50 Pro. This equipment, according to rumors, will be presented with the Dimensity 9000 processor, however, its global version could migrate to the similar one from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

As for the POCO F4 Pro, we still don’t have much information on what to expect from it. It will surely be inspired by a member of the next top of the Redmi range, but it will have to present advantages over the mentioned model.


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