Home Tech POCO F4 5G reveals the strengths of the cooling system before launch

POCO F4 5G reveals the strengths of the cooling system before launch

POCO F4 5G reveals the strengths of the cooling system before launch

POCO is about to announce one of its most anticipated devices of 2022. We are talking about the POCO F4 5G, the successor to one of the most successful smartphones of 2021, so wrapped in great expectations by those who want a new high-end device. .

Progressively, the company is revealing essential details of the POCO F4 5G through social networks. After confirming the presence of the Snapdragon 870 processor, we now know more about the cooling system that will accompany it.

With Liquidcool 2.0, we’re upping the game even further when it comes to thermal management. During strenuous tasks, as the chipset heats up, the vapor chamber absorbs the generated heat and converts the liquid inside to vapor, which then condenses and reduces ambient. [5/6] pic.twitter.com/ch85IKLUvp

— LITTLE India (@IndiaPOCO) June 10, 2022

POCO F4 5G arrives with Liquidcool 2.0 cooling system

Inside the POCO F4 5G, the company from the Xiaomi universe will include the Liquidcool 2.0 cooling system. We are talking about a system made up of a steam chamber of just 3,112 mm2 with seven layers and sheets of graphite.

You will have the arduous task of keeping the Snapdragon 870 processor constantly at an ideal temperature. To do this, it will use the phenomenon of condensation to transform the heat generated into steam that will then be expelled from inside the smartphone.

Thanks to this method, the company is confident that the POCO F4 will be able to stay cooler than its competitors. In this way, you will avoid the phenomenon of processor slowdown or strangulationwhich is an intentional reduction in performance for security reasons.

To test the benefits of its Liquidcool 2.0 cooling system, the POCO F4 5G was compared to the iQOO 9 SE and OnePlus 10 Pro. The tests, revealed on Twitter, show how the former manages to stay cooler than its competitors.


— LITTLE India (@IndiaPOCO) June 9, 2022

By more effectively controlling the temperature of the Snapdragon 870, the POCO F4 5G will be able to offer its maximum performance for a longer time. Ideal for more demanding tasks like gaming.

The fact that these tests are published by the POCO itself may indicate some bias. To assess the actual effectiveness of the POCO F4 5G cooling system, we will have to wait for independent tests that will only be possible after the product launch.

The presentation of the POCO F4 5G has not been announced yet, but it should not take long. The fact that the brand is constantly promoting its product indicates that the presentation could come very soon.

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