Pochy Familia suffers clavicle fracture in traffic accident

The merengue player Manuel Alfonso Vásquez Familia, artistically known as Pochy Familysuffered a fracture of the right clavicle during a traffic accident on Francisco Prats Ramírez street with Carmen Mendoza from Cornielle, El Millón, National District, when their vehicle was hit by another.

The accident occurred this Thursday when a vehicle hit the leader of the Coco Band while he was traveling with his wife, his youngest son and his driver, who suffered minor blows.

The Dominican musician told journalist José Antonio Aybar that after the crash he was taken to a medical center where he was medicated, but as the pain continued, he decided, this Friday, to visit another clinic, where they finally detected the rupture.

“At the clinic where they gave me first aid, they didn’t tell me that I had a fracture, they sent me home with a painkiller, but I couldn’t sleep from the pain. This morning I went to my orthopedist and to my surprise the plate they took showed me that I have a fractured right clavicle”, Familia revealed.

Pochy Family Accident

Pochy Family Accident

Due to the situation, the interpreter of “La faldita” will have to take a month without physical activity and devote his strength to the recovery process.

Finally, Familia made a call to the pertinent authorities to place a traffic light at the aforementioned intersection.

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