Plex’s Recent Shift to Physical Media: A Worrying Sign for El Mariana’s Main Event?

Evening of the Year 4: Plex Scares with Physical Change, But Will it be Enough to Beat El Mariana?

There is less than a week left until the Evening of the Year 4, an event organized by Ibai Llanos that will bring boxing fights between streamers to the center of Madrid. The Main Event, which will pit Plex against El Mariana, is gaining attention with the physical transformation of the Mexican fighter.

Plex Scares with his Physical Change

The Main Event didn’t seem so incredible when it was introduced, with both fighters being generally calm and not seeming like the type of people who would get into a fight. However, both fighters are taking it very seriously, with Plex even traveling to Thailand to train, and performing an incredible routine that is putting him in his best physical shape, with an evident change. This could give him an advantage against El Mariana.

The Mexican has not come into these last few days in such a strong state, or at least that’s what it seems from the images we’ve been able to see. He’s in shape, that’s for sure, but he doesn’t seem to have gained as much muscle as his rival in the ring. Of course, this will not be the only thing that tips the balance one way or the other, and in the end, it will be each person’s boxing that will have to come to the fore, to turn them into winners or losers.

Ibai Sees the Fighters

To celebrate the Main Event, Ibai has decided to make a special miniseries of two chapters, spending a day preparing each of the participants of the ‘main event’. In the case of El Mariana, everything we saw had much less ‘fireworks’, but we could still see that the Mexican’s path is just as hard. Precisely in this video, the Latin American asked Ibai a question, since he had experienced first-hand the training of the two fighters in the ‘main event’. Mariana wanted to know which of the two he had seen better prepared and Ibai, from what he says, although it is only an interpretation, saw the Mexican better for a simple reason.

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The Basque, in response to El Mariana’s question, didn’t answer in a forceful way, he simply said that he caught Plex on a bad day: "I was talking to Valen, and I think I went to see him one day when he was very tired. It was Friday, the weekend, and he still puts in a lot of training, so I think he gets to the end of the week a little exhausted. That day I saw him mentally, well, he himself told me that if it were up to him he would fight tomorrow and that he was already… He enjoyed it a lot, he gave it his all, but he says, ‘I need it to end already’."

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