"Please, shut up"Biden to journalist in a meeting with Albanese

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, ordered a journalist to silence this Saturday who tried to ask him while he was answering another question from the press, in a meeting with the prime minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, on the margins of the summit of the G7.

Biden was answering a question about negotiations with the Republican opposition to suspend the debt ceiling when an Australian journalist interrupted him to try to ask another question.

“Please shut up,” he told her.

The questions that they asked the US president at the beginning of his meeting with Albanese were shouted, something that is a tradition in the United States, although it is not the custom in other countries.

The White House Correspondents Association defends this format of shouting questions on its website because many times they are the only way to get an answer to current issues.

The president has starred in incidents with the press on other occasions, for example responding to journalists with the phrase: “Give me a break” when they ask him difficult questions.

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