Size change from October 15 for the French. According to a press release published on the evening of Friday, October 8, the self-tests carried out in front of a health professional will no longer be able to validate the health pass from that date. In addition, those carried out without supervision remain “accessible for individual monitoring but will still not give access to the health pass”, specifies the document, relayed by France Blue.

A measure which aims to encourage the inhabitants of France to be vaccinated, details the government. This decision is part of the new measures taken by the government related to the evolution of the coverage of coronavirus screening tests. Thus from October 15, PCR and antigen tests will no longer be systematically reimbursed by Health Insurance, as was the case since the start of the epidemic in France.

43 euros a PCR test

From next week, to get free tests, you will have to be vaccinated, provided with a medical prescription, recovered from Covid-19, identified as part of contact-tracing or be a minor. However, precise The Parisian, some special features have been put in place for the overseas territories “in order to take into account the specificities of these territories”, as underlined in the government press release.

In Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe, the end of free testing has thus been postponed and will only take place at the end of the state of health emergency. In Mayotte, the measure is also postponed for the moment “because of the fragility of the local screening system”.

For the rest of the inhabitants of France, from October 15, it will therefore be necessary to pay 43.89 euros for a PCR test in a medical biology laboratory. A rate “identical to that currently supported by Health Insurance”, specifies the document published by the government. The price of antigenic tests, it details the HuffPost, may vary depending on the place where they are made and the professional who performs them. The price can thus go from 22.02 euros in the laboratory to 45.11 euros at a doctor’s office.


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