PlayStation VR3 receives these 13 new titles and there are more news

PlayStation VR3 receives these 13 new titles and there are more news

THE sony unveiled this weekend, the launch of 13 new titles for one of its most captivating platforms, the Playstation VR 2, hereinafter PS VR2. It is a strong reinforcement of content to start 2023 in the best way, after a total of 11 titles were announced in November 2022.

The announcement has been made by SIE itself and gives us a strong push to this new commitment from Sony. According to the Japanese giant itself, by the end of March we will have more than 30 titles available for the PS VR2 catalog.

PlayStation VR 2 hits the market on February 22

Playstation VR2

In other words, not only do we already have the arrival and availability of the following games, but we also have the promise that many others will arrive on the platform. That way, as soon as it’s released, we’ll already have more content to explore in this VR kit.

In short, this means that there will be over 30 games available at launch (until March), including franchise titles like the highly anticipated Horizon Call of the Mountain.

We also have No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village. By the way, we can also point out that the availability of a free update for Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation VR2 is also planned for the day of launch.

We have these 13 new titles for PS VR2

Playstation VR 2

1. Before your eyes: In this title, players will have the opportunity to live an award-winning narrative adventure where they will control the story and affect the outcomes with the real movement of the blink of an eye. In this virtual reality experience, they will be immersed in a world full of happy and sad memories of their lives;

2. VR Kayaking: Mirage: Here the players will be able to row in the icy caves of the Antarctic. You can kayak alongside dolphins in Costa Rica, brave a storm in Norway, or discover the canyons of Australia. They will have the opportunity to explore these places in the world with photorealistic graphics.

3. Virtual reality Pavlov: The most popular team-based VR shooter comes to PS VR2, featuring realistic weapon attachments and interactions, as well as a variety of competitive and social modes;

4. Puzzling Places: Puzzling Places bring relaxing 3D puzzles to virtual reality! Here, players will have the opportunity to assemble realistic miniatures of incredible locations from around the world. The award-winning PS VR title comes to PS VR2 with major enhancements including: higher visual fidelity (better textures, 120Hz.

5. Song in the Smoke: Rekindled– is the ultimate VR survival action-adventure game. An immersive physical game where the player creates, hunts and survives in a fantastic and dangerous world;

6. Synth Riders: Remastered Edition: Kluge Interactive is pleased to announce that Synth Riders Remastered is also coming to PS VR2, bringing the best version of the game yet, launching alongside the new VR headset.

7. Rapper: The gameplay of this title is simple: precise controls, classic action and breakneck speed, plus psychedelic visuals, a vibrant soundtrack and exciting boss battles;

8. He was an NFL professional: This will be the chance for players to be the QB1 of their favorite NFL team, and this is the first fully licensed VR game by the NFL and NFLPA;

9. What the hell?: is a comedy from the same creators of the game for golf lovers, What The Golf?. It’s similar to What The Golf?, except instead of golf, it’s about baseball, and it’s in virtual reality, and the player will have clubs instead of hands;

10. Rez infinity: This will be the definitive version of Rez, this time on PSVR2, with eye detection (you can find and target enemies!) and haptic feedback from controllers and headsets.

11. Tetris Effect: Tetris Effect: Connected Coming to PS 5 and PS VR2 on February 22. With eye movement detection active, simply close and open your eyes to access the Zone mechanics. Players will also be able to feel key in-game moments and their actions thanks to the responsiveness of the headset and DualSense haptic feedback.

12. Creed Rise to Glory: Championship Edition– Coming to PS VR2 in 2023. Fighting has never been so visceral, and with this game it’s going to be an even more immersive boxing experience, only possible thanks to the hardware and resources of PS5 and PS VR2;

13. The Last Watchmaker: is an automation-themed puzzle game in which players create synchronized contraptions out of their own clones. The player will play Jules, a young woman on a mission to repair the Clock Tower, a former haven for the galaxy’s plants and seeds that has fallen into disrepair;

Finally, the PS VR2 will be available from February 22, as stated by Sony in its Blog. It will arrive at a recommended price of €599.99. Until then, it remains available to reserve.


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