PlayStation Q: rumor advances release date and portable battery

This week was full of great news for fans of Sony consoles. A new handheld console has been revealed, for now called PlayStation Q (or Project Q). It will be a streaming-oriented console, to play PS5 titles on the go.

In this way, all users who want a PlayStation Q will already have to have a PlayStation 5 to be able to play on it. The design was the only detail officially revealed by Sony, with an 8-inch screen with a kind of DualSense control on the sides.

Sony could launch PlayStation Q in the second half of November

Leaks of information on the subject immediately began to emerge. And Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has made the possible release date of the console public. According to this source, Sony’s plan is to launch the portable console between mid and late November. This was the launch window of PS5 in 2020

Currently scheduled to launch in mid-November 2023.

—Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) May 25, 2023

Why should we take this source seriously? It was Tom Henderson who fixed, in early April that Sony would be preparing a portable console with the code name “Q Lite”. At the time, the source immediately stated that the console would use Remote Play to be able to play PS5 titles in port.

The autonomy of PlayStation Q could be 3 to 4 hours

In the last few hours, the same source made public the probable battery life of the portable console. This establishes that the PlayStation Q may have an estimated autonomy between 3 to 4 hours. Something that is not very encouraging.

The PlayStation Project Q’s battery life might surprise you (or not, to be fair).

— Insider Gaming (@InsiderGamingIG) May 26, 2023

As the source mentions, the success of Project Q will depend on the price at which Sony decides to sell this portable console intended solely for streaming. It is recalled that PS5 is sold from €449. So a portable streaming console above €200-250 is unlikely to be a bestseller.

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