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PlayStation 5 Slim should hit stores from 2023

Released in late 2020, PlayStation 5 is the latest and most powerful console developed by Sony. Its long-awaited Slim version will already be in the development phase and could reach the market in the third quarter of 2023.

The information is provided by The Leak publication and is in line with the tradition of the Japanese company. Many await the launch of a compact version of PlayStation 5 and now the first details about this console appear.

The compact PlayStation 5 cannot be nicknamed “Slim”

Sony traditionally offers smaller versions of its main consoles with the Slim designation. However, in the case of PlayStation 5, it is not yet certain that the Japanese company will use this designation for its next console.

Playstation 5

However, according to The Leak’s sources, Sony is developing a smaller version of its latest console. Regardless of its designation, this console is expected to hit the market in the third quarter of 2023.

The next PlayStation 5 will have a much smaller design than the one currently marketed and already present in the room of many gamers. The goal is to produce a significantly reduced size and lighter console.

It is further advanced that the PlayStation 5 “Slim” will use a lower voltage and, consequently, will be able to operate at lower temperatures. This will be one of the main reasons that will lead to the new console being lighter than the current one.

From the outset it also seems to be the support base that is currently marketed with the PlayStation 5. This purely aesthetic component will be removed from the compact version of the console, which can surely rest on a table without the need for accessories.

With one less component to produce and ship, the production costs and subsequent selling price of the new console are likely to be lower. If this is true, it will be one more incentive to buy the next version of PlayStation 5.

I also want to remind you that Sony plans to launch a removable disk drive for the PlayStation 5 in 2023. Given this rumor, it is justified to consider that the accessory is being developed for the new console, thus allowing a reduction in its casing. .

In short, the PlayStation 5 “Slim” should hit the market in mid-2023, but there is still much to understand about it. Indeed, we will have to wait for more news that can clarify this matter for us.

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