For many, the Game Boy Advance is now a portable console that leaves nostalgia, and that will probably get lost in one of the drawers at home. For youtuber Rodrigo Alfonso, it can also be a good source to play PlayStation titles with the right tools.

In two very simple videos, the youtuber shows how you can play PlayStation titles in 3D on a 20-year-old Game Boy Advance. All this using a custom cartridge.

PlayStation games on Game Boy Advance with Raspberry Pi 3

This cartridge has a mini computer, the Raspberry Pi 3. That is where the RetroPie emulator runs, and where the video stream that will enter through the Link port of the Nintendo console is also performed.

As you can see in the videos, it is possible to play well-known titles such as ‘Crash Bandicoot’ or ‘Battletoads’. All this at a decent frame rate, albeit with limitations.

As you can read in the youtuber post made on Gifhub, it is limited to 1.6 Mbps bidirectional. Also, youtuber claims that ideally the resolution should be kept at 240 by 160 pixels if stability is a priority for you.

Learn more about PlayStation Remote on Game Boy Advance

This is not everyone’s job as you need the knowledge to build this cartridge and configure it. But if you feel free to do it, youtuber gives you a lot of information through the link we shared above.

For anyone who has played some of these classics on PlayStation and owned a Game Boy Advance, it is with great nostalgia that you will see these videos.


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