Home Science Playful reading on paper helps understanding more than reading via digital media

Playful reading on paper helps understanding more than reading via digital media

Playful reading on paper helps understanding more than reading via digital media

The Interdisciplinary Reading Research Structure (ERI) research group at the University of Valencia (UV) proposes that the Leisure reading on paper helps that Understanding more than when read on digital media.

In an article published in the magazine Review of educational research The results of work involving more than 450,000 people are presented, including the recommendation that in education Elementary school and high school Reading in printed form is recommended.

Researchers reviewed 25 studies with 39 comparisons conducted between 2000 and 2022.

In this Metaresearch were checked 25 studies with 39 comparisons carried out between 2000 and 2022.

“The key conclusion is that recreational screen reading habits are minimally related to reading comprehension, which is in contrast to the solid positive relationship between paper reading habits and reading comprehension,” emphasizes Lidia AltamuraResearcher at UV Reading ERI and first author.

“From what we know from other studies, the relationship between Reading Frequency Reading habits for printed texts and text comprehension are higher (between 0.30 and 0.40) than for digital reading habits in leisure time (0.05). This means, for example, that a student spends 10 hours reading Paper booksYour understanding probably will be 6 to 8 times larger What if I read along digital devices for the same period of time,” they explain Cristina Vargas And Ladislao SalmeronProfessor at the Institute for Evolutionary and Educational Psychology at UV.

For the authors, it is “surprising” that most of the digital reading habits analyzed showed only minimal associations with text comprehension.

Furthermore, according to the researchers, it is “surprising” that the majority of digital reading habits analyzed (whether more related to social networks or informational reading) “showed minimal associations with text comprehension.”

“One might expect that reading for information purposes (i.e. visiting Wikipedia or other educational websites, reading the news, or reading e-books) would have a much more positive association with comprehension, but this is not the case,” give You to.

Another conclusion of the article is that as students age (when students are in high school and college), the relationship between playful reading And Understanding of texts becomes positive.

However, Altamura, Salmerón and Vargas emphasize that their study was based on the review of other works with very heterogeneous formulas for measuring the relationship between reading habits and text comprehension, which is why they refer to it new research to specify the investigation in more detail.


Altamura, L. et al. “Are new forms of reading worthwhile?” “A meta-analysis of the connection between digital leisure reading habits and text comprehension.” Review of educational research (2023)

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