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Players with most opening games by position

Peloteros con más juegos inaugurales por posición

Major League Baseball statistics track players for each position who have played in the most opening games. The pitcher who has performed the most in these opening matches is right-hander Tom Seaver with 16, while the catcher is Iván Rodríguez with 20, on his side Joe Morgan is the second baseman with 20, the third baseman with the most opening challenges is Brooks Robinson with 20 while Luis Aparicio is shortstop at 18.

On their side, the three outfielders with the most starts in opening season are Willie Mays with 21 defending center field, Al Kaline with 19 patrolling right field and Barry Bonds with 19 in left field, while David Ortiz is the designated, after participate in 12 meetings.

Mays is the one with the most appearances in opening games with 21 and, like Rodríguez, they only missed the opening game in the first tournament because they made their debut after the season had started. Aparicio is the only one to attend all the opening games in his career and shares with Omar Vizquel the record for starts at shortstop with 18.


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