Player 4 Suffers First Career Injury During Evening Match: Details on Horrific Hand Injury and Bloodshed

World’s Largest Spanish-Speaking Content Creation Event Approaches, with Record-Breaking Potential

In just one week, the biggest event in the world of Spanish-speaking content creation, the "Evening of the Year 4," will take place. Hosted by Ibai Llanos, the event promises a spectacular show that has already sold out the iconic Santiago Bernabeu stadium, one of the largest in the world. With a record-breaking 3.5 million viewers on Twitch in its second edition, the event is expected to surpass this number once again.

The event features two new fighting formats, including a female 2vs2 match between Spanish content creators Zeling and Nissaxter, and Mexican content creators Alana and Amablitz. Additionally, the event will feature a star-studded lineup of world-class artists, including Anuel AA, Nicky Jam, and Will Smith.

First Injury in the Year 4 Soiree?

The event is set to kick off on July 13 with a highly anticipated fight between Spanish content creator Augustine51 and Argentine content creator Carrera. However, just days before the event, Carrera suffered a serious injury during a live stream on Twitch, putting his participation in the event in doubt.

Carrera’s Injury: A Cut Hand

Carrera was testing his punching power on a boxing machine when he accidentally hit the wall with his hand, causing a deep cut. The injury was severe, with Carrera’s hand bleeding profusely. The incident was witnessed by Augustine51, who immediately expressed concern for his rival’s well-being.

A Lot of Blood and Good News

Despite the severity of the injury, Carrera reassured his followers on social media, saying, "I’m fine, don’t worry, that’s what I call an epic opening." The incident has added an extra layer of drama to the highly anticipated event, but it remains to be seen whether Carrera will be able to recover in time to participate.

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