HTC has officially unveiled its new Vive Flow glasses.

According to the brand, it is a portable entertainment platform that allows you to play virtual reality on the go.

Smartphone HTC Vive Flow controlled via Bluetooth

It is the latest addition to HTC and, according to the brand, it is an immersive glasses device designed for users to feed their minds, relax and have fun, anywhere and anytime.

Weighing just 189 grams, the new Vive Flows are controlled by Android smartphones via a Bluetooth connection. They are also equipped with two 3.2K resolution LCD screens with a 75Hz refresh rate that offer a 100-degree field of view.

The hinge adjustment system and snap-on face cushion make each user adapt to their ergonomics, while the diopter-adjustable lenses eliminate the need for glasses, if at all.

Active cooling system removes heat from the user’s face

At the poles of the Vive Flow, immersive spatial audio is integrated and two microphones will ensure that the user will not have difficulties with the call function. In turn, the active cooling system includes an internal fan that sucks air from the user’s face to prevent excessive heat or steam on the lens.

To charge the new HTC glasses, just use the built-in USB input, and the battery life registers five hours of useful life.

To have access to the content that can be seen on Vive Flow, the brand also offers the Viveport subscription, which provides access to immersive content on well-being, productivity, mental training and games. The subscription costs approximately five euros per month.

HTC Vive Flow will go on sale, worldwide, from November for a price from 549 euros.


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