Platform that fixes crypto bugs bans ChatGPT submissions

Platform dat crypto bugs oplost verbiedt ChatGPT-inzendingen

The development of Artificial Intelligence (or artificial intelligence or AI in English) is now moving so fast that we have to ask ourselves whether we mortals are still needed. After all, algorithms can do many things better than we can. A company that rewards people for finding software bugs disagrees.

Artificial Intelligence attracts view

Immunefi is a so-called ‘bug bounty platform’. If you are good at programming, you can earn money through this platform by fixing security vulnerabilities and other issues in Web 3.0 software. The past year has shown how important this kind of work is, as many Web 3 applications are lost a lot of money due to hacks.

But artificial intelligence suddenly sparked a revolution. OpenAI’s new chatbot ChatGPT calls such intelligent things that people use the program en masse to cheat. For example, students submit essays written by ChatGPT in seconds. It also has something to say about bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH).

The software knows how to surprise with original, philosophical answers to big questions, which makes it tempting to pretend that you came up with such statements yourself.

Fake crypto bug reports thanks to AI

Immunefi is also affected, it writes on Twitter. It has already banned 15 people from the platform for using the chatbot. The bug reports look good at first glance, but if you look further into what exactly the problems are, you will find that it is nonsense. The software bugs these entries describe simply don’t exist.

A participant of the platform spoke with CoinDesk. “[Bugs opsporen] is really an art,” he stated. “When you use ChatGPT you notice that something is wrong. No developer would write a good story without any reference to the smart contract platform in question.”

The company has asked ChatGPT why it is not wise to use ‘him’ for bug hunting. The bot itself confirms that it is not designed for this type of task and thus cannot detect bugs.


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