Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom: The director promises a film in the style of Star Wars

After the resounding success of the reboot trilogy, orchestrated by Rupert Wyatt And Matt ReevesTHE Monkeys are back several generations after Caesar in the highly anticipated story Planet of the Apes: New Kingdom (Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes in VO). The feature film that won’t come backAndy Serkis and the arrival of Wes Ball behind the camera was revealed through a sensational first trailer featuring multiple ape civilizations and enslaved humans reverted to a primitive state. In an interview with Rich, Wes Ball showed that he was aware of the legacy of such a saga and distilled some of the details that we can discover in it New Kingdom :

“When I started working on this project, I thought the monkeys needed a bit of Star Wars. It’s still very realistic, but essentially it’s an initiatory journey. Our main character, the young and impressionable Noa, meets other characters along the way and reveals himself as he encounters obstacles that test him and eventually becomes himself. We have not watered down or Disneyfied the project when I say that can say that! On the other hand, we gave it a more youthful touch. (…) Caesar’s ghost is still in the film, but most of his living companions are not. While the last three films were set in the Stone Age, here we find out what happens when the apes enter the Bronze Age. »

Waited for that May 22, 2024 In French cinemas, the film was intended to give us a glimpse of a more advanced ape civilization than we saw in the first trilogy.

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