Fame often translates into money and money leads to excesses and extravagant tastes. Such as the gifts that some celebrities make to their partners.

Celebrities set out to please and surprise the love of their life so they spare no effort or resources to achieve it.

From luxurious cars, mansions, jewelry, trips and even vibrators that cost a fortune, these are some of the most eccentric gifts that celebrities have given their partners.

A couple that does not skimp on expenses to give each other is the one made up of the artists Cardi B and Offset.

The rapper recently surprised his wife and mother of his children on her 29th birthday with nothing more and nothing less than a mansion in the Dominican Republic, Cardi’s native country.

The Migos member said he wanted to give her something extra special after the great year they just had including the birth of their son last month.

The property is a luxury mansion that has six huge rooms surrounded by windows, seven bathrooms, a tropical garden and paradisiacal views. A dream place to escape with your children.

This is not the first time that Offset has given him a millionaire gift to the artist of Dominican origin. Last year he bought her a Rolls Royce Culinnas SUV valued at about $ 330,000 and previously gave her a Lamborghini valued at $ 200,000 to show her that he missed her on a business trip.

The interpreter of “Up” was not far behind and on the rapper’s birthday she gave him a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

+ Beyonce to Jay Z

In 2012, Beyonce gifted Jay Z a Bombardier Challenger 850, a private jet worth about $ 30 million. This has capacity for almost 20 passengers and has a kitchen, a bedroom, and several living rooms.

That wasn’t the first time the singer had given her husband an expensive gift. Earlier, he bought her a sapphire that exceeds $ 800,000 to celebrate her pregnancy.

For that year, 2012, Beyonce, with 27 years, was the young artist with the greatest fortune in the world, since her assets exceeded 80 million dollars.

+ Jennifer Lopez

Although they are no longer couples, Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez did not hesitate to show their love with gifts that was reflected in a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3, valued at approximately 140 thousand dollars, which the ex-baseball player gave to the artist on her birthday number 50.

Marc Anthony gifted Jlowhile they were married, some gold-plated shoes valued at $ 24,000 and after he had her twins, he spoiled her with a $ 300,000 canary diamond ring.

In the first stage of “Bennifer”, JLo gave Ben Affleck a luxury car. Although it was later made public that the handsome actor sold the car.

+ A ranch for Thalía

Billionaire businessman Tommy Mottola gifted Thalia, one of the most expensive ranches in Colorado valued at nearly $ 50 million.

The ranch, with a private lake, is situated at the foot of Mount Sopris in Redstone, about 50 kilometers from Aspen, the winter resort for the American jet-set where the artist and Thalia have spent long periods of time before.

The land has a house of almost 120 thousand square meters, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, in addition to all the imaginable amenities and a neighboring guest cabin, according to the source.

For Mother’s Day 2018, Mottola also gave her a luxurious convertible, which for that year had a price starting at $ 250,000 and an eight-cylinder engine.

Instead, François-Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek’s husband, gave her a plane to travel with her daughter wherever she wanted.

The actress and producer received as a gift in 2008 a plane from the father of her daughter Valentina, the French businessman to stop using commercial flights.

Singer Rihanna gave her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown a personalized Mercedes Benz car (before he beat her up in 2009), worth $ 1.82,000.



+ Two million dollar vibrator

One of the most extravagant and peculiar gifts was the one that David Beckham gave to his wife, Victoria.

On Valentine’s Day, the former footballer gave his wife a vibrator made of platinum with diamonds, valued at nothing more and nothing less than two million dollars.

On another occasion Beckham also decided to invest in a very original gift for his wife a vineyard in Napa Valley to his wife and gave her an entire winery and its vineyards so that she could enjoy one of her favorite pleasures at any time.

When Justin Bieber and Selena Gómez were a couple, the singer rented the entire Staples Center to have a romantic date with the “Same Old Love” interpreter.

At the appointment, the now ex-partner saw the movie “Titanic” inside the venue and it is estimated that this appointment cost the Canadian singer almost half a million dollars.

+ Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Another celebrity who enjoyed expensive gifts was Brad Pitt, who received from Angelina Jolie before divorcing, a helicopter and flying lessons so that he could enjoy one of his hobby whenever he wanted. The price of this gift amounted to a total of one and a half million dollars.

As a birthday present, the actress showed her love with a waterfall, an entire piece of land with a waterfall so that he could enjoy a part of the planet all to himself.

+ Dominican cases

In the Dominican Republic, gifts are almost always limited to vehicles. This is the case of the urban exponent Crazy Desing to his wife and mother of his son, Sandra Berrocal.

In 2014 the interpreter of “Ella” surprised the former presenter Día de Reyes with a jeepeta of the year zero kilometers, valued at two million pesos.

+ Mirabal and the Mercedes Benz

Also, in 2019, sports journalist Franklin Mirabal bought a Mercedes Benz from his then-fiancée, Dianabell Gómez, although a few months ago after their controversial separation, the “King of radio” went to look for the vehicle, which still he was paying and it is in his name.




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