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Pixel Watch: this is the price of Google’s smart watch


The Pixel Watch was confirmed at this year’s Google I/O, ending years of rumors about the product. However, its official and detailed presentation will only take place in the fall.

However, Google’s 9to5 post did get some expected information about the Pixel Watch. At stake is the price of this product which, due to the advanced values, will be bittersweet.

Google Pixel Watch will hit the market for $399

As anticipated, Google Pixel Watch will hit stores for 399 dollars. A price that should translate into €399 if the long-awaited American product officially arrives in Europe.

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However, it is important to note that this figure refers to the version of the Pixel Watch with LTE connectivity. The Bluetooth version should be cheaper, but this device variant is not covered by this report.

Looking at the advanced price, there are mixed emotions. First of all, the Pixel Watch will be cheaper than an LTE version of the popular Apple Watch Series 7.

However, its main rival will be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and here the Korean product wins. The LTE version of the Galaxy Watch 5 is cheaper than what is speculated on the Pixel Watch and this will not go unnoticed by those looking for a new watch.

This puts the Google Pixel Watch in a gray area and will make many consumers think twice before buying this device. This is because Apple and Samsung products are the best on the market in their segment.

Everything will depend on the characteristics that the Pixel Watch will have. For now, the information is not very encouraging, especially if its 24-hour autonomy is confirmed.

It is important to underline that the advanced information is not yet official. The values ​​​​will be announced during the presentation of the Pixel Watch that should take place in October, when the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are presented.

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