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Pixel Pass is Google’s answer to the Apple One

After leaks of information about the specifications of Google’s Pixel 6 line, now there are news related to the purchase of the terminal.

This time, the news reports that the new smartphones may include the Pixel Pass subscription.

Pixel Pass membership can include access to Google One, Play Pass, and YouTube Music / Premium

As the date of the Google event approaches, scheduled for October 19, there is more information about the news that the technology giant will present.

After revealing the main specifications of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, new information now appears on how the new smartphones can be purchased. The Pixel Pass subscription is the latest reveal.

Pixel Pass – It appears to be a combination of the iPhone upgrade plan where you can get a new phone every year and the Apple One subscription. It contains YouTube Premium, Google One, Play Pass, extended warranty, and is associated with Google Fi.# pixel6 #teampixel pic.twitter.com/iU7VTc16vS

– M. Brandon Lee | THIS IS TECHNOLOGY TODAY (@thisistechtoday) October 10, 2021

This subscription could be Google’s answer to Apple One, as it included not only a Pixel 6 smartphone, but also access to Google One, Play Pass, and YouTube Music / Premium. The information was advanced by the leaker M. Brandon Lee, in his Twitter account This Is Tech Today.

Pixel Pass with a version for users without Google Fi

The same source said that the subscription could be associated with Google Fi, which is only available in the US, but that there will be a version for users who have a different carrier.

The information leak also suggests that, for now, the subscription may only be available in the United States of America. But once it arrives in Europe it can have a price of 649 euros for the Pixel 6 model and 899 euros for the Pixel 6 Pro.

If this information is confirmed, the great advantage for Google is that, through Pixel Pass, you can obtain recurring income, instead of making a profit with a single purchase through smartphones. For users, the advantage would be the availability of device updates, unlike what happens with the Apple One.

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