Pixel 7 and other models cannot view this YouTube video

For some strange reason, this youtube video from Ridley Scott’s famous sci-fi/horror masterpiece, Alien causes the latest Google Pixel phone to crash.

Apparently, phones are only locked when viewing this particular video and only when using the official YouTube app.

According to users, the glitch occurs on Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, causing them to show a black screen and restart. We tested it with our Pixel 7 and indeed the phone turns on, as seen in the following video.


Other users have pointed out that this also happened on a Pixel 6, 6 Pro and 6a. It’s unclear if previous Pixels suffer the same fate.

Some users described a quick reset, while others claimed it caused other issues that led to the loss of cellular connection, requiring another reset.

The news was first shared by tech journalist Mishaal Rahman, and the problem persisted throughout the weekend until today. Some Pixel 7 users claim they don’t have a video issue, and it’s still unclear what’s causing the issue.

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