Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser feature works on other smartphones

Google has spent a lot of time extolling the features of the Tensor chipset that comes in the new Google Pixel 6s.

Apparently, the Tensor chip allows for certain photographic tricks that other phones wouldn’t be able to do, like the Magic Eraser.

This functionality allows you to take a photo and later erase objects, people and even background elements from the photo. The tool uses AI to magically fill in the blanks of what you’ve erased to make it look like it never existed.

Although, apparently, this tool doesn’t need the Tensor to work. According to Mishaal Rahman in Twitter, several people in the GoogleNews Group Telegram’s successfully used the Magic Eraser tool on non-Pixel 6 phones.


In fact, some even made it work Non-Pixel phones and even Android 11 phones.

To make it work, you need to install a new version of the Google Photos app that has been modified to make you believe you have a Pixel 6 (Download) After installing it, the Magic Eraser tool seems to work fine without Tensor.

While many users have successfully made it work, many others have not. In general, it seems that Android 12 smartphones are more likely to succeed.

The good news is that, in light of this discovery, Magic Eraser may reach non-Pixel phones in the future.

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