Until now, one of the most interesting features of the Pixel ‘a’ series was that It allowed to have the Pixel’s excellent camera at a lower price.

That came to an end on the Pixel 6a. Unlike previous ‘a’ series phones, the Pixel 6a does not include the same camera hardware as the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro.

Instead of the big 50-megapixel sensor that the devices’ main cameras carry, the Pixel 6a has the same 12-megapixel sensor that the Pixel 5 and 5a used.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro aim higher in the smartphone category Award than the Pixel 4 or 5, so Google had to make more cuts to release a more affordable phone.

According The VergeGoogle’s President of Devices and Services Rick Osterloh summed up the challenge this way:

Basically, what we want is to try to make the core experience reach as many users as possible. That’s the general objective.

Every phone has a lot of hard-to-reduce components. And so you certainly need to change some of the device’s key features to get it where we want it to be at the price point.

In previous Pixel models, much of that “core experience” was the camera. Now, the most differentiating aspect is Google’s custom chipset, Tensor. Google chose to use the Tensor chip in the Pixel 6a, without the Pixel 6’s camera.

Would you have preferred the Pixel 6a to keep the Pixel 6’s camera?


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