Pixel 6 also gets Adaptive Sound functionality

adaptive sound is a feature that Google released last year as part of the Pixel Feature launch.

It is designed to enhance your phone’s audio output by adjusting its EQ based on ambient noise.

This is how Google explains in its Web page:

Adaptive Sound subtly and automatically optimizes the volume based on the ambient noise level around you.

If you go from the silence of your home or office to the noise of the subway, the street or a cafeteria, you will notice that the volume changes a little to adapt to the background noise.

Adaptive Sound adjusts the volume when background noise is continuous, not sudden, for a smooth sound experience.

This functionality arrived in Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, and many thought it was released to improve the quality of the Pixel 5 speaker, which is located under the screen. It has now been seen that this feature is also coming to the Google Pixel 6 series, so it’s here to stay.

Adaptive Sound is disabled by default, so if you’re lucky enough to get a Pixel – it’s not sold in Spain yet – you’ll have to go into Settings to enable it. The functionality was recently introduced as when Pixel 6 was released it did not appear in the options.

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