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Pixel 5a: overheating problems are getting worse, Google does not yet have the solution

The Pixel 5a currently suffers from overheating issues, especially when recording video in 4K. Only and according to user testimonials, these malfunctions also occur by simply taking several photos in Full HD.

pixel 5a overheating
Credits: Google

This August 23, 2021, Google formalized the existence of the Pixel 5a, a brand new mid-range. Unfortunately for French users, Google has chosen to exclusively offer its latest smartphone on the American and Japanese markets, the fault with the shortage of semiconductors which complicates its manufacture.

Direct successor of the Pixel 4a, the device differs from its predecessor by the presence of a SoC Snapdragon 765G, an IP67 certification, a 6.34 ″ OLED panel (2400 x 1800 px) and a price attractive starting price set at 449 dollars. However, there is already a shadow on the board. Indeed, several specialized American media have reported a serious anomaly during their test.

Indeed, it turns out that the Pixel 5a overheats when recording videos in 4K. After a few seconds of recording, a warning appears, asking you to close the camera while the smartphone cools down. However, according to our colleagues from the Android Central site, cases of overheating are increasing, and not just when recording videos in 4K.

Pixel 5a overheating issues getting worse

According to them, the Pixel 5a seems to heat up when they take several high-quality photos, or when they shoot several short videos in Full HD. After a few minutes, the same error message appears and the flash and the photo appearance turn off automatically if the user decides to do nothing. Strangely, the smartphone is not hot, which suggests that it is rather a software bug of the photo application rather than a material defect.

Of course, the editors of Android Central contacted Google to share their mishap. The Mountain View firm has confirmed that it is currently working on the problem., without providing more details on its origin. In addition, it is impossible to know at this time when Google plans to deploy a fix for this issue.

Note that this is not the only problem with the Pixel 5a. According to several testimonies, a handful of users also encounter difficulties with the touch screen, the lower part of the slab not reacting to user input. It would also be a software bug, since the problem disappears once the smartphone has gone into safe mode. Google has said it is also looking into the matter.

Source: Android Central

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