Pitaka MagEZ Folio 2: Versatile case for iPad Pro and iPad Air

There are many iPad Pro or iPad Air cases on the market. But not all of them provide the versatility, lightness, functionality and premium finish that we find in Pitaka’s MagEZ Folio 2.

The brand states on its official website that it is a case for a 12.9 or 11-inch iPad Pro. But since the 11-inch iPad Pro has the same body as the newer iPad Air, it also works flawlessly on my 2020 iPad Air. The only difference is that the camera opening is larger, to fit the iPad Pro’s module. .



This is one of the main reasons to buy the MagEZ Folio. This magnetically attaches to your tablet, and has the possibility of being a support with four angles, according to your needs.

When folded to 53º, it can be used to stream your favorite movies. Already at 57º, it is ideal for making video calls. Those who draw on the iPad will love the 34º angle, for reading documents the 62º angle is better, where you have the tablet vertically.


apple pencil

If you have an Apple Pencil (or another compatible pen that magnetically attaches to iPad), you can always keep it close at hand with the MagEZ Folio 2. The clip is used to close the cover, but it can also be used to hold the Apple Pencil. while charging.



This case does not have side protection, so it holds your tablet magnetically. This can make some users suspicious of stability and security. But I can tell you that it is quite safe.

The magnetism of the MagEZ Folio 2 is really strong and you will never feel that your tablet might fall or move. Whichever position we looked at above, I never felt the tablet wobbly or less comfortable.

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Lightness, portability and design

By providing magnetic docking, this is a very slim case and therefore adds little thickness to the tablet. This plays in favor of its portability. In the case of this model for the 11-inch iPad Air or iPad Pro, it weighs 240 grams. The 12.9-inch version weighs 325 grams.

In the field of design, users can choose between the black and white version. The black version is the one I’ve been using and I highly recommend it. But if you prefer the white version, it costs exactly the same on the brand’s website.



After a while of use, this has definitely become my favorite iPad Air or iPad Pro case when portability and versatility are what I’m looking for. I can use it in many ways, be it for leisure or work.

The synthetic leather finish gives us the feeling that it is a very premium product, as well as its strong magnetism. Because it works this way, it does not provide side protection for the tablet.

The MagEZ Folio 2 has a recommended price of €59.99 on the brand’s official website in this version for 11-inch iPad Pro or 4th and 5th generation iPad Air. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro version costs €69.99.

Learn more about Pitaka MagEZ Folio 2 pricing and shipping

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