Pita Limjaroenrat forms multi-party pro-democracy coalition

Bangkok (BLAZETRENDS) necessary for his election as prime minister.

“We have reached a Memorandum of Understanding that will be finalized on May 22, a symbolic day marking the ninth anniversary of the coup of the current Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha,” Pita said at a press conference in Bangkok, alongside representatives of the other parties.

The coalition is made up of eight formations that, together, would obtain 313 seats, below the 376 votes needed for the election of the prime minister, since the 250 members of the Senate, appointed by the extinct board, will also vote in the selection of the next ruler military (2014-2019).

Avanzar reaped a surprising victory in the Thai elections last Sunday, where the opposition became the big winner by obtaining more than 60% of the votes against parties linked to the Government and the military, in power for almost a decade .

Pita Limjaroenrat
Pita Limjaroenrat (c), this Thursday in Bangkok. BLAZETRENDS/EPA/Narong Sangnak

The leader of Avanzar pointed out that he is confident that a government can be formed and that the alliance will now establish a committee to negotiate in the coming weeks, both with the other parties and with the senators, as well as to solve possible discrepancies between the partners and thus ensure its strengthening.

“The coalition is firmly taking shape. There is movement, there is progress and we have a very clear roadmap as of today, with work teams to resolve any differences to ensure its continuation”, he expressed.

However, Pita was emphatic in reaffirming that the alliance will not negotiate with parties aligned with the Army or belonging to the system and stressed that “it is very clear” that there is “a consensus to exclude the establishment.”

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One of the main barriers to stronger support for Pita as prime minister is disagreement over Avanzar’s promise to review or reform the controversial lese majesty law, which provides for up to 15 years in prison for anyone who offends the Thai monarchy. .

The opposition leader confirmed that there are several perspectives on the issue among the allied parties and that “innumerable rounds” of talks were held on the controversial regulations in the negotiations to agree on the coalition.
“It is quite clear how we are going to approach the relationship between the monarchy and the people of Thailand,” he stressed.

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