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Piqué: “Spain has many options to win the Davis Cup”

La pasión por España en Málaga, clave para Piqué en la Davis

The Barcelona Football Club footballer and businessman Gerard Piqué has highlighted this Thursday the “passion for sport and for the country” that is lived in Malaga, which makes it an “ideal” city to host one of the four venues for the group stage of the new Davis Cup promoted by his company Kosmos. The defender has stated that a competition like the Davis Cup “fits better” in Malaga than in its city, Barcelonaand highlighted that the first is the most similar to the second in Spain, which makes it the “ideal” partner, which was “very clear” since the first talks with the Junta de Andalucía took place.

I hammered, that has attended this Thursday to the Andalusian Sports Institute in Malaga Together with the Secretary General for Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, José María Arrabal, he has assured that his The team is “very excited” to move the Davis Cup to the city and he has been convinced that the atmosphere will be “very good” and tennis will be breathed during that week of September. The footballer believes that Spain has “a great team” in addition to Rafa Nadal, who has wished for a prompt return to the courts, with players like Rubén AlcarazPablo Carreño or Roberto Bautista, all in the top 20 of the ATP ranking, so Spain, he says, has “many options to qualify and also win the title.”

He has stated that one of his main objectives is to “leave a mark on the city” and “involve society” to participate in related activities with the world “not only of tennis, but of sport” and affirmed that they will be in the city for several years and that he wants this to be a “long-term” relationship.

Piqué, who has not advanced the possible city in which the final qualifiers would be held, although he has slipped that Abu Dhabi is a possibility, explained that the new Davis format makes it “much easier” for players to follow the competition, who dedicate “less time and better quality” to them. He explained that the previous Davis Cup was played for four weeks in four different months, the players had to make long trips and were faced with changes on the track, so his company Kosmos decided to change the format and do it “more than world, but in tennis”.

The defender of Futbol Club Barcelona, who has work and personal ties to the content creator and commentator Ibai Llanoshas indicated that they will design “something that is very attractive and that catches the eye” and will invest in the staging so that a “different and unique” product is seen.

Arrabal, for its part, has stated that it is “a tremendous honor and a precious opportunity” that Malaga is chosen to host the Davis Cup group stage to “continue to consolidate Andalusia’s reputation as a land that deeply loves sport and wants to be a protagonist”.

“Sport is a great display of benefits for a society, with projection, values, health and technology”, highlighted Arrabal, which has recalled that the previous editions were followed by 35 million viewers, were broadcast in more than 170 countries and generated dozens of millions of euros in return. The General Secretary for Sport of the Junta de Andalucía has insisted that this competition is “tremendously prestigious” and there is “the absolute intention” that it stay in Andalusia “for a long time” and thanked Kosmos and its president Gerard Piqué for their trust and for having Malaga as the venue.

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