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Pipi Estrada explains the hidden reasons of El Chiringuito for his dismissal

After years away from Mediaset, the talk show host has returned to the television network

Just over a month ago Save me surprised by rescuing an old collaborator: Pipi Estrada, who spoke of his dismissal from El beach bar. Although that first appearance on April 27 seemed somewhat punctual, the truth is that the journalist is going numerous days to the space of Telecinco with Terelu Campos.

It should be remembered that Terelu Campos is his ex-partner. In fact, television has reopened several old controversies that he had with her. Since then, Pipi Estrada has not reappeared in El Chiringuito de Megaleading sports program Joseph Pedrerol. A space in which he has been collaborating for many years.

pipi estrada dismissal
Pipi Estrada talks about her dismissal

Pipi Estrada’s dismissal at the Chiringuito was the main theme of the program

Now, the veteran journalist has revealed the reason why he no longer participates in El Chiringuito. In an extensive interview in ’20 Minutes’, Pipi Estrada has explained about this matter. “I’m on leave.” His words surprised all the followers who were waiting for what happened.

“It is a program, and I am referring to El Chiringuito in which I feel very comfortable and I hope that in the future I can recover it”, the Sálvame collaborator continued in his explanation. Without a doubt, he wanted to smooth out his departure from the sports program and in the hope of wanting to return soon.

Josep Pedrerol has also spoken about what happened with the presenter

Known for being a journalist of integrity, Pipi Estrada added: “The gossip press and the sports press go hand in hand. Both football and the heart are part of the entertainment and as long as the information is told with respect and elegance, there is no reason to close doors or censor yourself, although not everyone is suitable for this”.

In this way, the direction of Josep Pedrerol’s program has considered, together with the production of the program, that it is convenient for the talk show host to stay out for a while. Apparently, the team does not look favorably on the participation of the television presenter, Pipi Estrada, in such different formats.

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