“Pintus put me like a plane in 15 days”

He stays out of it. He doesn’t like the spotlight, but his success speaks for him. Antonio Pintus (Turin, 60 years old) He is one of the main people responsible for the white achievements in recent seasons. A seasoned in physical preparation that He arrived at the club in the summer of 2016, led by Zidane, and has put down roots in the capital, with a stint at Inter (2019-21) in between. On these dates his name comes to the fore every year. His method, for cash, is one of the most famous in the world of football and has led him to conquer three Champions, two Leagues, one Copa del Rey, three European Super Cups, two Spanish Super Cups and four Club World Cups with Madrid. Those who have treated him know firsthand that it is not a coincidence.

Alvaro Tejero (26 years old), today an Éibar player, completed two pre-seasons under him when he was a white squad player. The first (16-17) took place in Canada and the second, in US territory, with its starting point at UCLA (Los Angeles), where Madrid has once again established its headquarters this summer. The man from Madrid keeps fond memories of Pintus’ practices: “I don’t know if it’s because I’m a winger and I’m used to being physically fit, but I especially liked the way he worked. I felt very identified with her.”.

Tejero exercises while Pintus watches, during the 2017 tour in Los Angeles.
Tejero exercises while Pintus watches, during the 2017 tour in Los Angeles.

According to Tejero, Pintus was practical, but with very clear ideas: “They weren’t super elaborate exercises, but I kept a balance and had everything calculated.. He focused on the basics, on the important.” The organization, according to the defender’s words, was absolute. Each session was measured to the millimeter: “In the morning I used to do a little preventive in the gym, accompanied by strength exercises, upper body and a lot of mobility. Later, he put race series in which he was increasing the rhythms, and always ended with some ball”.

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“They weren’t super elaborate exercises, but I kept a balance and had everything very calculated”

Álvaro Tejero, former Real Madrid player

“Damn, when it was time to run, he ran but fine”recalls Manu Hernando (25 years). The new central defender for Amorebieta, then a youth team recently promoted to Castilla, shared a stay with Tejero on the first (16-17) of the two tours that Álvaro attended, and confirms his words: “We (the youth team) had finished the season a little later, so the first days of the race we did a little less than the first team (they had had one or two more weeks of vacation), and even so It was crazy. When we started doing all the work they did, imagine. I was very screwed in the first training sessions and Pintus put me like a plane in 15 days”.

“A very talkative and close uncle”

On a personal level, the two ex-canteranos praise his talent and agree that the man from Turin “was a very talkative and close guy with the playersbut serious when it had to be”. Tejero develops it: “He joked with us, we also joked with him… A very good and very healthy relationship. I went up from the subsidiary and he treated me like one more. He made no distinctions of any kind, he behaved equally with everyone”.

The man from Madrid highlights his involvement and commitment: “Whenever you needed help, he was ready to help you out. I would define him as a methodical, hard-working and disciplined person. People talk about the Pintus method, and rightly so. He has discipline and work very present and that is why he has arrived where he has arrived ”, he concludes.

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