Pinterest unifies its content creation process to improve the user experience

Hereinafter, Pinterest unifies all of its content creation features into a single, simple format, Pins.. Given Pinterest’s value in curating mixes of image and video content, it will combine content creation streams from the most widely used formats into one unique and simple experience. Pinterest users will now be able to access features that were only available to users with company accounts or on certain Pin formats, including links, post-post editing, and flexible aspect ratio. Additionally, all content creators will be able to include expressive content like music, text overlays, and stickers on their Pins. To create video or image Pins, users simply need to go to “create a pin«.

With this new update, Pinterest will continue to offer advertisers all the features and formats they love. So they can continue to create Idea Ads, video ads, collection ads, and Pin carousels to bring their brands to life with Pinterest-native creative components.

Enhanced features to simplify creation and monetization

In addition to uniting creation features into a single stream, Pinterest is adding a suite of tools that will make it easier for users and creators to edit, publish, monetize, measure performance, and connect with the brands that matter to them. Enhancements that will allow users to harness the power of Pinterest include:

  • Links in all Pins: access to another monetization channel through links in all Pins. Users will be able to add links to images, videos and even Pinterest TV streams, helping to drive traffic and build connections with brands. The paid association tool and product tagging with affiliate links (the latter only available for the US and UK) are now available for all Pin formats as channels to earn money on Pinterest.
  • Performance Metrics: all video Pins will now have improved metrics (including views and watch time). This will result in a consistent set of analytics for all types of Pins.
  • Flexible aspect ratios and editing: Users will be able to create Pins using flexible aspect ratios and will have the ability to edit Pin components after posting, including the title, details, and links.

“By creating a simpler and faster way for content creators to harness the power of Pinterest, we’re making it easier than ever for our creators to reach an engaged audience, earn money, build a brand, and express what makes them tick.” special and unique both on and off the platform”, Malik Ducard, Chief Content Officer.

New community engagement features

Building an inspiring and positive community is a priority for Pinterest. As part of the Pin formats, all users will be able to access these unique community features to support each other:

  • Safe keywords: Pinterest users will be able to add keywords they don’t want to see in comments. By simply creating a filter in the Social Permissions section, users will be able to automatically hide all comments that contain the specific keyword.
  • Photos in the comments: Pinterest users will be able to easily respond to content on Pinterest by creating and uploading a photo.
  • Reactions: Reactions like the heart and lightbulb emoji will roll out to all Pins as they continue to grow as a highly valued feature for engaging with content from the Pinterest community.

More than 460 million people around the world use Pinterest every month to find inspiration, ideas, and products to buy and create the life they want. Content creators, publishers and brands are the main ones in charge of encouraging users to move from inspiration to action. Pinterest’s goal is to always look for ways to make content creation easier, so the platform is continually working to offer native publishing tools that make it possible.

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